Our Vision

The Gamma's production starts from the miticulous choice of fabrics. From silk to wool, as regards the high line products of unquestionable quality, to less noble fabrics, as polyester, lurex and others, whose quality are not different from those of first line. The designs, always exclusive that turn to innovation,never losing sight of the classical tradition, the pivot on which runs the entire production. The refinement of the embroideries, from the most valuable handmade, with exclusive yarns that represent the flagship of the production, to machine ones, realized with the same care of those handmade.The personal package, made of fine workmanship, implemented by qualified personnel, is the terminal production, feature recognized not only by the large customers. In conclusion it can be said with pride, that the focus to production and customer satisfaction, is without dubts, the trademark of Gamma.There only remains to verifypersonally the level of our products.