Gamma is the expression of the will of Mr. Venanzio Felisi, an expert dean of the textile production, at the helm of his company FELISI S.p.A. (founded byhis father Anselmo back in 1911) since the 50's with his family in Codogno (Lodi/Milan).Parallel to his family company, in 1978 Mr. Venanzio Felisi gave birth to Gamma,with the intent to continue his own tradition, packing his hown fabrics to produce holy vestments, field for which Felisi S.p.A. has always been a landmark. Through the years the company have seen an exponential growth recognized by the market ranks among the top producers of the industry. Today Gamma is directed, in the perfectrespect of the family traditions, by the Venanzio Felisi daughter and son, Daniela and Fabio, with an enviable sense of continuity and it has extended his productionbringing it to foreign countries. Collaborations with the Holy See and least but not last, with the Princedom of Monaco that has seen Gamma provide the holy vestmentsfor the wedding celebration between Prince Albert of Monaco and Ms. Charlene Wittstock, contributed to increase the company prestige. Gamma is always been synonymousand warranty of solidity, professionalism and passion. The choice of fabrics, which comes from the long experience of the production, the care of exclisive designs, the refinement of precious hand embroidery, as well as the high-quality manufacturing, are for Gamma the essential prerogatives of which the production is basedthe foundations. Contact Gamma means getting in touch with a reality that only combines the expertise to family tradition.