Gamma S.R.L.

Felisi is an historical name for the italian textile industry, a family at the service of the holy vestments production for more of half century. Professionalism andpassion, Gamma is the result of this equation, a company whose foundations are based on a strong tradition and meticulous selection of the fabrics, passing through innovation for which the company pays the right attention. Customers are the best witness of the work and dedication profuse by Gamma in the world of liturgical items.

Highlight Product
Alb in 100% bomboo
Economic chasubles
Cod. 65/000305
Chasuble 100% polyester
Chasubles in jaquard fabric
Cod. 65/040996
Chasuble wool/lurex
Chasubles with stolon
Cod. 65/027440
Chasuble 100% wool
Chasubles in jaquard fabric
Cod. 65/002001
Chasuble wool/lurex
Economic chasubles
Cod. 65/001998
Chasuble 100% polyester
Chasubles and Marian accessories
Cod. 65/049016-M
Chasuble in wool/acrylic/lurex
Chasubles in jaquard fabric
Cod. 65/002015
Chasuble in wool/lurex
Albs and surplices
Cod. 70/005212
Alb in poliester cotton